Ayurveda and Yoga

Yoga is practiced by hundreds of millions of people worldwide from all walks of life with different ages, cultures, shapes, colors and sizes. The clear benefits in both health and wellbeing make it easy to understand why with an increasing number of doctors and healthcare professionals recommending yoga to their patients.

MAYI AyuYoga teaches authentic Hatha Yoga, keeping in line with 5,000 years of tradition and applying it to suit our modern lifestyle.
Few types of classes which being offered by us are:

Yoga Wellness

Yoga Wellness is a group class that offers a wide range of yoga techniques (asana, breathing, visualisation and yogic detoxification tips) which deals with general conditions such as poor digestion, neck ache, back ache, poor sleep, breathing problems and more.

Anti-Aging Yoga

Anti-Aging Yoga is a gentle form of yoga class which focuses on specific yoga techniques that naturally manage the ravages of time on the body and mind. Learn how you can defy gravity, balance growth hormones and activate natural anti-oxidants within to feel youthful.

Super Yoga Kids

An easy-to-follow weekly yoga session for young children to get down with some serious fun and at the same time establish communication between body and mind, striking a balanced growth along the way.

Pregnancy Yoga

A special class for mothers-to-be to bond with the foetus while allowing themselves to get in-tuned with their physical, mental and emotional bodies during pregnancy