Our signature Asana Yoga (posture) classes are conducted in true tradition with mind-body awareness to increase and prolong health and vitality.


So… What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient technique evolved over thousands of years to increase and prolong health and vitality.  MAYI’s Asana Yoga classes are designed to integrate the ancient art of Yoga and the technological advancements of modern science to enable everyone – male or female, young or old, to learn yoga progressively and systematically. Our classes are conducted in true tradition with mind-body awareness. They graduate gently from a thorough warm up which activates blood circulation and energy flow to prepare the joints and entire body, then progresses on to a crest with classical yoga postures (asanas) for specific health benefits.

Yoga gives you…

  1. A lean and attractive body structure.
  2. Deeper breaths – increasing the oxygen levels at a cellular level, the most potent antioxidant effect.
  3. A stronger immune system – say goodbye to the “common” cold!
  4. Stronger muscles, lubricated and supple joints and increased bone density.
  5. Increased memory power, creativity and clarity of mind.
  6. A fitter and more flexible you.
  7. Deeper and more rejuvenative sleep.
  8. Balanced hormones and the natural feel good factor.
  9. Alleviates stress and improves your stress threshold.
  10. Better balance and coordination.


Is Yoga for me?

A common misconception today is that in order to practice yoga you have to be relatively fit and flexible. This is not true! Yoga is for everyone, and if you are unable to follow a class then you are in the wrong class. It is important to find a teacher that is able to adjust the poses to be suitable for every person in the class and to provide modifications where necessary. Yoga is suitable for the busy executive, retired seniors, housewives, students and everyone in between. If you want to be healthier, look good and feel as good as you look – all whilst having fun and enjoying the process then Yoga is for you!

Combining Yoga and Ayurveda in their full applications and in the greater context of Vedic science offers a complete system of well-being for body, mind and consciousness, such as perhaps has no parallel anywhere else in the world. It can become the prime force of planetary healing that is so desperately needed today. It can add a spiritual and preventive dimension to modern medicine as well as adding important new keys for the understanding of disease and for applying natural therapies that can reduce the growing cost of high tech medicine.  – Dr David Frawley